Life Sucks!

Life Sucks!
October 4, 2000 Elizabeth Brown

Life sucks
Friends are supposed to be forever, but they’re not
Relationships are supposed to be reassuring, but they’re not
Family are supposed to be there for each other, but they’re not
Nothing works out how you want it

Tears roll across skin
The brain is confused
Everything is a blur
Life is unfair
The world is spinning
Time is slipping away
Where is the escape

Death is a scary thought
But life is scary too
When does the pain end
Is life supposed to be this way
What am I doing wrong
Why do the people you love the most hurt you the most
Everyone is turning against me
Walls around me are caving in

I have a terrible feeling of loneliness
Everything close to me is slipping away
I sit by myself staring at nothing
Everything depresses me
I have no-one to turn to and no-one to lean on
The room is so empty and sad
Crying has become routine
No-one would miss me if I disappeared

Elizabeth Brown