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If you help the planet you’re helping everyone!

Whether you want to volunteer your time, or donate to a good cause, check out the organisations below who do great work all over the world. You can help make a difference!

Please let us know if your favourite environmental charity is not listed here, and we will add it to the site. Our aim is to help you connect with environmental charities globally.


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Please note, Freedom2do does not support nor condone the use of animals for tests or experiments, but will not exclude charities who test on animals from being listed on this website.
Freedom2Do recommends researching charities prior to donating to them to ensure that you are aware of their mission, purpose, background and practices, and then making an informed decision that you are comfortable with.
To find out more about a charity you are interested in, please click on the link to their website, or for selected countries, you can find reviews and information on whether they conduct animal experiments, what they spend their donations on etc. on our Charity Guide page.