Tips on How You Can Help Animals for FREE!

Tips on How You Can Help Animals for FREE!
September 8, 2015 Elizabeth Brown

Here are some simple things you can do (& not do) to help animals at no cost to you:


  • Attend circuses who have animals on show
  • Attend any dog fighting, bull fighting, or any other animal fighting for entertainment
  • Buy any products from companies who test on animals
  • Buy ivory products
  • Buy or wear fur clothing or accessories
  • Buy products containing animal ingredients
  • Watch movies featuring wild animal actors


  • Buy pasture raised or free range produce whenever possible
  • Donate tinned food, blankets, towels, & other pre-loved items to your local animal shelter/home
  • Put a bird bath or bowl in your yard
  • Report any animal abuse/neglect you are aware of
  • Sign free animal welfare petitions
  • Educate your children, friends, and family on all of the above

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Elizabeth Brown