Hello! My name is Elizabeth, and I hope you enjoy exploring the Freedom2Do site as much as I enjoy creating it!

Created in 2011, Freedom2Do is my passion! I love to constantly be learning and sharing knowledge with others, so that together we can be smarter, more powerful, more informed, and more aware.

I love nature and all of the amazing creatures on this planet, and I find satisfaction and fulfillment in helping others, and in raising awareness of current issues around the globe, especially concerning animals, as they do not have a voice of their own. When one realises that they can make a difference to a person or animal’s life, it is a very special moment we can all experience.

“I’m passionate about raising awareness and getting behind charities and organisations who are making a positive impact on the welfare of the planet, people and animals.”

Freedom2Do Mission

To create a community where we can share knowledge, information, experiences, and raise awareness, to encourage people to care more about their own wellness and the welfare of planet and all of it’s people and animals, by using our time better and making informed decisions.

To encourage people to DO, not just talk about it; whether it be going on a holiday or donating to a charity, words only go so far, and then actions make the difference between thinking about something, and making it reality.

“Time waits for nobody, and we cannot get it back once it has passed, but we can make the most of the time we have.”

Freedom2Do Purpose

  • Provide information and links to help people with their personal welfare
  • Raise awareness of global welfare and environmental issues
  • Promote charities/not-for-profits who are making a positive impact on the welfare of the planet and all of it’s people and animals


Whether you have a question, want to contribute or feel like discussing a topic, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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